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Australian Tour

Okay so who has been to the Aussie French&Saunders shows???

I went last Saturday in Melbourne and thought it was fucking ahmazzzzing! As always, they bounce off each other like magic. Definately one of my favourite days ever.

After the interval, they did the original Ab Fab skit. I could not believe that I was seeing Edina Monsoon in the flesh. I admit I cried like a goose as Ive been a fan since I was a kid. So many favourite characters, won't go into it as I wouldnt want to spoil it for anyone else, but definatey two thousand thumbs up. The ending was just fucking hilarious. Also, Dawn was only a metre away from me in the audience...hahah comedy gold.

So, what did you guys think?
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I went to the Brisbane show last weekend... it was amazing. I admit I cried seeing Edina Monsoon in the flesh as well since AbFab is my absolute favorite show ever. I laughing so much and so hard that I was tearing up.
I think I've watched Ab Fab more than 8 zillion times. When it's on foxtel, I can't stand not watching it cause I feel like I'm missing out -even though I have all the DVDs...obsesssssed much? Glad you enjoyed it yo! I've heard some people bitching because a lot of it was from their show but I say to those people - YOU'RE NO FAN! FUCK OFF. Haha...
I think I would have cried too. I love Ab Fab and Dawn and Jen are the best.

I am green with envy. You are so lucky to have seen them live and it sounds like you had great seats.
Well, about to get even more jealous! While I was walking back from Coles earlier today, I walked past Jennifer Saunders and Magda Szubanski in the street!! No shit, I swear. They had been shopping down Brunswick St... I wanted to say something but I am not an overly intrusive person and I know Jen is ultra shy and hates meeting people so I left it. But wow... be still my beating heart!....AHHHH!!

I would have dropped dead.
I saw it and loved it! I'v seen a few bad comments around which is sad, but I thought it was brilliant :D
Same :( I read a few wankers with their shit opinions, mostly complaining that the material was recycled and that they couldn't see much from the back of the venue in Brisbane. (Boo hoo fuck off!)
The whole point of the show was it was their best sketches from the past twenty years. Those people need to be shot.
I was at the Saturday 3pm show... wow!
I loved the Mama Mia section! I almost DIED when I thought Joanna was there! SO FUNNY!
And Jen as Madonna! Wow!

I wont forget that final image of the pantless old men for a long time! haha

I spent about a hundred bucks at the merch table! oops! :D

Totally agree with you! I was in row K and copped a fair look at those willies at the end. Laughing and crying all the way through.

I am totally bummed out that I didn't buy any merch but I thought te 406 bucks for two tickets was enough hahaha
I was totally going through your profile ngl and I found this comm!

I went to the Newcastle show. FRONT ROW.

look how close I was! And Dawn took our chocolate :'(