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The Jennifer Saunders Appreciation Society

Bow To The First Lady Of Comedy

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Welcome to The Jennifer Saunders Appreciation Society

Welcome to The Jennifer Saunders Appreciation Society

The Facts:

Name: Jennifer Jane Saunders
D.O.B: 6th July 1958
Location: Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England
Occupation: Female Actress/Comedian (usually paired with Dawn French)
Family: Husband - Adrian Edmondson (Actor - Bottom) 3 Children - Freya, Beattie and Ella
Credits Include...

Shrek 2 (The Fairy Godmother)
Pongwiffy (Sharkadder)
Absolutely Fabulous (Edina Monsoon)
Girls on Top (Jennifer Marsh)


Multiple French & Saunders Shows and Specials

The Jennifer Saunders Appreciation Society Weekly Contest Rules and Info

1. A new contest will be announced every Tuesday
2. One entry per member (to be posted into contest entry only)
3. In the case of capton contests, do not just type the actual words used in the original sketch!
4. All entries to be posted by Sunday evening by midnight UK time!
5. Winner will be announced on Monday along with winner banner.
6. Banners can be used to place into user bio (and linked back to this community)
7. Winners will also be listed in this bio.
8. Anon entries or entries from LJ users who are not members of the community will not be accepted.
9. Contest to be posted my JosieMccoy unless otherwise stated.
10. Be as funny as possible and have fun!

Affliated with 'The French & Saunders' Community